How Much Weight Can Jack Stands Hold?

Whenever you want to lift your car up for some maintenance and/or repairs, you need to make use of jacks and jack stands to do the job effectively.

Jacks do most of the heavy lifting of the car while the jack stands support and stabilize the jack as the job continues.

It is very important to note that you have to always use your jacks with proper jack stands (also referred to as Fixed Steel Safety Stands) that will help your jacks to lift your car up properly or the weight of the car will just come crashing down.

Jacks are prone to fail at any time, no matter how new they are, so never use them with the appropriate support of good jack stands.

Generally, jack stands can lift the weight of cars and fix it firmly in the air once the cars are less than 12,000 lbs.

  • 2-ton jack stands can take on cars that weigh up to 4,000 lbs once you get the adjustments right.
  • 3-ton jack stands are standard because they help to lift and stabilize other cars that weigh up to 6,000 lbs.
  • 6-ton jack stands are used to lift big vehicles and trucks when work needs to be done on them

These heavy jack stands can handle the weight of trucks that weigh 12,000 lbs or less.

What is the maximum weight a 2-ton jack stand can hold? (explained)

A 2-ton jack stand can successfully hold 2 tons. This means that cars that weigh about 2 tons (4,000 lbs) can be lifted up and jacked using the 2-ton jack stands as supports and balancing figures.

Although you can use 2 – ton jack stands to lift some of the cars that you see around today, the heavy lifting will not be stable enough on the air because there is a lack of much extra weight-carrying capacity and balance.

This need for more weight-carrying capacities in jack stands is the reason why drivers are encouraged to get the standard 3-ton jack stands for jacking up their cars for maintenance, repairs, and servicing.

2 tons is considered the safest working load limit for the jacks, but it is not really enough for most cars when you look at it from a critical angle.

When the car is being lifted up to the fully extended height of the 2-ton jack stand, the small jack might easily fail because it is not very stable in the air.

To solve this, apply some safety measures like securing the safety pin of the 2-ton jack stands in its place before you use the jack.

When the safety pin is in place in the 2-ton jack stands, the jack stands will be able to handle and balance some more weight easily.

Good 2-ton jack stands should be able to lift your car if it weighs about 4,000 lbs.

The BIG RED T46002A 2 STEEL JACK STANDS is an excellent jack stand if you want to order something for your car.

How much weight can 4 two-ton jack stands hold? 

You have to keep in mind that these jack stands are stronger as a pair and that is why they are rated as such.

4 2-ton jack stands used together can easily lift your whole car up if you adjust this jack stands properly enough.

Jack stands in twos can lift just one end of your car safely, provided that they are liable to carry at least 50% of your car’s weight without breaking down.

These 4 2-ton jacks, however, are set to carry the full weight of most of these cars easily.

You can use these four 2-ton jacks individually at the proper jacking spots of your car and handle weights up to 16,000 lbs once you do the proper placements.

Place the 2-ton car jack stands at the right ends of your car and slowly use the jack to wind/pump it up and watch it all stabilize.

Remember to use all the jack stands at the same height so that there is maximum balance as the car is in the air. Purchase great ASME – Certified so that you can get the assured value for your money spent.

4 2-ton jack stands can handle and balance about 16,000 lbs of car weight.

How much weight can a 3-ton Jack stand hold (explained)

Jack stands are rated per pair (because jack stands come in conjoined twos), therefore you will most likely see weight ratings like 2 tons, 3 tons, 6 tons, etc. stamped on them as their united strengths and capacities.

Therefore, a 3-ton jack stand will have a 1.5-ton capacity for each stand if you rate them individually.

This also applies to the 2-ton jack stands and the 6-ton jack stands as well. For most cars, the 3-ton jack stand proves to be the most effective tool for lifting and stabilizing the weight/load.

Most cars these days weigh between 2,000 lbs to 5,000 lbs if you were to place them on a scale and check their weight out.

For you to effectively lift these cars up for some proper maintenance on them, you will need to employ the 3-ton jack stands as your device for heavy lifting.

3-ton jack stands are the most effective jack stands for lifting all the cars that fall under and in between this range of weight categories.

1-ton jack stands can lift something that weighs 2,000 lbs.

The standard 3-ton jack stand is rated to be fully capable of handling the weights of cars that weigh up to 6,000 lbs.

Since most of the cars driven on the roads today fall below that weight and/or mass, it is safe to say that this is the best choice for you today.

You will even have an extra 2,000 lbs left for more carrying capacity when you use these very functional 3 – ton jack stands.

Check out these great 3-ton jack stands and order for them today:


How much weight does a 6-ton jack stand hold (explained)

Like we have earlier established, 6-ton jack stands are used for the heavy lifting of big vehicles (like trucks for example) when some car maintenance needs to be done on them.

While repairing and/or servicing big trucks, you need to use stable 6-ton jack stands so that you can do the job safely.

6-ton jack stands can easily take on cars that weigh 12,000 lbs and less. This means that these jack stands are rated to be able to carry and balance up to 6 tons of weight and/or mass.

Individually, a pair of 6-ton jack stands would only be able to carry 3 tons each. However, the ratings of jack stands are now done as a pair, instead of individually, following the ASME standards and safety procedure.

Make sure that your jack stands are ASME-Certified before you purchase them because these tools are really vital if you must work on your vehicle.

Your safety is also very paramount when you are choosing these jack stands as tools for lifting your cars; especially trucks.

Make sure that you are getting the right ASME-Certified jack stands that will be able to lift your trucks and other heavy cars very well over time. Your safety very well depends on this.

Good 6-ton jack stands can certainly handle cars that weigh up to 12,000 lbs once you place them well under the proper jacks.

Make use of this nice 6-ton jack stands today:

  • BIG RED T46002A 6 Steel Jack Stands

What size jack stands can you use for most vehicles?

For most of the cars on the road today, you should make use of the 3-ton jack stands whenever you want to jack them up for maintenance and/or repairs.

Remember that you should never make use of your jacks without having the right jack stands to support them and balance your car as it is suspended in the air.

3-ton jack stands are the standard for supporting your appropriate jack while it is lifting up your car in particular.

You should therefore try to invest in good 3-ton car jack stands that let you do the proper work that you need to do on most cars.

2 tons is considered the safe working limit and/or weight-carrying limit of most jacks and jack stands today so you need to aim to hit a mark that is well above the target for extra assurance and balance.

With good 3-ton jack stands duly approved and registered with the ASME, you can jack cars that are up to 6,000 lbs.

You will most likely be jacking up cars that weigh less so you will have some extra weight-carrying capacity in your jack stands).

3-ton jack stands give you the quality and additional carriage that you can use to lift most of the cars that are being driven on our roads today.

You should therefore try to invest in a good pair of 3-ton jack stands like the pair we have already highlighted for you.

What minimum size jack stand can you use for pick-up trucks?

How Much Weight Can Jack Stands Hold

6-ton jack stands are the most appropriate kinds of jack stands to use for lifting up and jacking up pick-up trucks and other heavy vehicles.

These heavy and stable jack stands can stabilize the proper jacks well enough to lift the heavy trucks in the air.

Not only do good 6-ton jack stands help to lift the truck in the air, they also balance the truck in solid suspension while the work is being done safely underneath the truck.

You need to be careful to get the right 6-ton jack stands for the job or you might find yourself in a lot of danger if the jacks fail.

It is important to note again that car jacks can fail at any time, no matter how new they are.

Asides from supporting the jack from crashing down under the weight of your truck, the 6-ton jack stands also serve to protect you and your truck from damage if the worst happens.

6-ton jack stands can handle 6 tons (which is 12,000 lbs) of hefty truck weight. With a pair of these jack stands, you will be able to safely lift one end of your truck in the air while you work underneath it.

There is often no need for you to lift the entire truck in the air, so you need to just have one good pair of ASME-Certified 6-ton jack stands to lift one end of your truck at a time.

Having the proper jack stands for the job will really help you greatly.

Can a 2-ton jack stand life a dodge ram?

How Much Weight Can Jack Stands Hold

No. 2-ton jack stands are not capable of lifting a Dodge Ram safely at all.

Most Dodge Rams that are manufactured these days are cars that weigh between 4500 to 6396 lbs on the scale.

You can’t use 2-ton car jack stands to lift and balance these cars without incurring some serious damages and mishaps.

Most Dodge Ram versions, like the Dodge Ram 1500, need great 3-ton jack stands to lift up the car and stabilize the jacks while the heavy lifting and all other maintenance are being performed securely on the Dodge Ram.

2-ton jack stands are not safe for this job in the slightest. What you need to lift the Dodge Ram and balance it in the air is the standard 3-ton jack stands that will surely assist you to take care of your car in the right and safe way.

Dodge Rams come with scissor jacks that can be very frustrating to use because they take some time to unwind and get the car up and stable in the air.

These factory-supplied scissor jacks are light and easy to use but you might need to get yourself some stronger and more balanced 3-ton jack stands if you want to get the job done well.

This particular 3-ton jack stand will work well for all your Dodge Rams:


What minimum size jack stands can you use for Chevy Silverado

How Much Weight Can Jack Stands Hold

For the Chevy Silverado, you are actually expected to use the 2-ton jack stands to balance the car whenever you are lifting it with the 2-ton jack.

2 tons is actually (as we have said) the safe working limit of jack stands that are required to lift cars up for maintenance.

2-ton jack stands can stabilize your jacks easily whenever you want to lift your Chevy Silverado in the air and work on them well enough.

When you use these jack stands, make sure that they are of the appropriate weight rating that is certified by the ASME. You have to be sure of the quality so that you don’t damage your car.

Properly balance your authentic 2-ton jack stands under the jack (as it is fixed to it) and then lift your car slowly off the ground so that you don’t incur any damages should the jack fail at any time.

Although 2 tons is the safe working limit of jack stands, you are much better off using a really good 3-ton jack stand to lift and balance your Chevy Silverado in solid suspension as it is in the air.

3-ton jack stands will always work best to carry the weight of most of the cars that you see today.

If you want to be double-assured, and get that extra weight-carrying capacity you need, you should make use of 3-ton car jack stands to work on your beautiful Chevy Silverado.

Use great 3-ton jack stands like this one to accurately lift your Chevy Silverado:


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