7 Rubber Cement Alternatives for Tires

Patching a tire can come quite easy especially when you have the right tools. The right tools can quickly help you get your tire back in good working condition.

There are several patch kits out there that have all the items you need to successfully patch your tire. One of those items is the Rubber Cement Glue.

Rubber Cement glues are very important in the patching process as they help to hold the patch and tire together.

When the rubber cement glue is used, it creates a scenario that allows the heating of the patch material and helps it stick to the tube.

The glue ensures that an efficient seal is made between the rubber and the patch.

As much as Rubber Cement glues are popular because of their effectiveness, they are not the only ones out there. There are a couple of other adhesives, materials, or kits that can be used in tire repairs.

Some of these materials are considered cost-effective, while some others are more efficient than the rubber cement glues. So, let’s check out some of those amazing alternatives you could try out too.

Top 7 Rubber Cement Alternatives

  1. XIAOYAN Rubber Glue
  2. TIREJECT Off-road 5-in-1 Sealant Kit
  3. GRAND PITSTOP Tire Puncture Repair Kit
  4. Boulder Tools Heavy Duty Repair Kit
  5. AUTOWN Heavy Duty Tire Plug Kit
  6. FRIENDA Tubeless Tire Repair Kit
  7. ORCISH Tire Repair Kit

Here we would be looking at some of the best rubber cement alternatives that you can shop online.

We’ll be discussing each adhesive or kit, its features, and benefits, and towards the end, there is a conclusion part.

So, let’s get started.

XIAOYAN Rubber Glue

Rubber Cement Alternatives for Tires

This glue is used for bonding tires and other rubber products. It can be used as adhesives between rubber and rubber and also, between rubber and other materials.

The materials could be plastic, metal, or wood. The color of the glue fits well with that of the rubber. It is also suitable for any kind of surface whether it is uneven, rough, or vertical.

The XIAOYAN Rubber Glue maintains its viscosity for long while to ensure the adhesion remains stable. Each pack of this glue comes with two to three precision tips that give you more choices in the application.

The precision tips also allow for better control and accuracy to enable you to twist and snap the rubber into place. One of the things that make this glue stand out is its unique packaging.

The packaging ensures that the glue does not stick to your hand after each use.

The glue has also gone through a safe production process ensuring that regulations are met. It is odorless and environmentally safe.

TIREJECT Off-road 5-in-1 Sealant Kit

Rubber Cement Alternatives for Tires

TIREJECT sealant kit can help you fix a flat tire and also, prevent the occurrence of flat tires for up to twelve months of application.

This kit provides full coverage and has a low viscous rate. It readily fixes any puncture resulting from nails, thorns, or screws.

The sealant kit makes use of liquid rubber to create a permanent seal in the tire for full coverage. This full-coverage even extends to sidewall punctures and also, leaking beads.

The low viscous formula of the TIREJECT reaches and permanently seals the bead. This sealant kit helps you revive low-speed tires with minor dry rot.

It results in the building of a thin rubber film on the inside of the tire. This closes up even with the slowest leaks.

The installation process of the sealant kit is not complicated at all and anyone can install it in minutes. In installing it, you will have to deflate the tire first and remove the valve core.

You should then push the hose over the valve stem and pull the cap open. Apply the sealant through the valve stem. Then, re-install the valve stem and inflate the tires.

It is necessary to drive or rotate for a few minutes to allow the sealant to work efficiently. Something to note is that this product is only for off-road use.

GRAND PITSTOP Tire Puncture Repair Kit

Rubber Cement Alternatives for Tires

This kit comes with all the required tools needed to repair a puncture. It usually comes in premium packages that make it easy to be carried anywhere.

The net weight of the kit also makes it easily fit into your palm. These features and many more make the kit the best companion for all rides. You don’t even need to remove your tires to fix the puncture.

The kit makes it easy for the mushroom-shaped plugs to be installed in all tubeless tires even while still staying on the wheel. The plugging device drives the plug into a hole by turning the handle.

This plug expands when it is under pressure to fill that punctured area. Pulling the stems with your pliers makes the mushroom head fit on the inner wall preventing the escape of any air.

This process is very reliable and it reduces whatever sort of downtime you might encounter. The mushroom plugs are composed of rubber that does not wear out with time.

The GRAND PITSTOP kit can repair punctures as large as 5.5mm as it seals the inner liner and fills the damaged path.

It also helps you keep your tire in shape even after several punctures. The kit comes along with a stainless nozzle that is quite strong, very effective, light and is not susceptible to corrosion.

In using the puncture kit, you will have to locate and remove the nail or needle from the affected area. You will need to use a reamer to clean any burr or wires from the puncture hole.

Make sure to push the mushroom into the plugger with the aid of the nozzle without touching the head. So, make sure to load the plug into the gun tool and make sure to load it inside completely.

You could then insert the nozzle into the tire and then, trigger the gun to repair the puncture until it stops. Ensure to remove the gun and nozzle from the tire by pushing the button at the end of the gun.

The puncture has now been fixed by the repair kit. So, inflate your tire and cut off any extra stem of the mushroom plug.

Boulder Tools Heavy Duty Repair Kit

Rubber Cement Alternatives for Tires

This repair kit is a premium tire repair kit for fixing punctures in tubeless tires. They come with easy-to-follow instructions that make it possible for just about anyone to be able to fix their flat tires in minutes.

They are made with the strongest materials and are enclosed in a portable case. This kit is quite durable and built to last.

They have heavy-duty brown strings that you can trust to provide a superior safety seal. This Boulder Tools repair kit has a quality plier and a case that is durable to keep everything secured and in place.

The tools are made of tough materials so you can get the repairs sorted and back on the road in no time at all.

In using this kit, you will have to first remove the offending object from the tire with the tires in the kit. You should then use the spiral reaming tool to enlarge the puncture and apply the lubricant.

The lubricant allows for ease in the threading of the cord and inserting it into the puncture area. Use the pliers to remove the repair cord from the side of the plastic.

Then, thread the repair cord into the eye of the insertion tool. You can then use the insertion tool to insert the cord in the puncture leaving half-inch off the end of the cord visible.

Then, you can slide the retaining platform against the tire, hold it against the tire, and pull the T-handle up quickly and firmly to leave the plug in place.

You should then use the recommended knife to trim remnants of the plug material and inflate the tire to the required pressure.

AUTOWN Heavy Duty Tire Plug Kit

Rubber Cement Alternatives for Tires

This kit is quite popular for working on the toughest of tires as the equipment in the kit was made with the best materials available.

This kit is also used in resolving puncture issues with tubeless tires. It also has as part of the kit, easy-to-understand instructions that anyone can follow through with and get their vehicle right on the way after a flat tire.

Some of the equipment in this package includes a T-handle spiral probe tool, an insertion tool, a pressure gauge, repair plugs, extension valves, chrome hex valves, valve caps, valve core tool, valve cores, a folding knife, a plastic storage box, a jar of lubricant, pliers, a manual and so on.

Some major highlights of this package are that the spiral probe and insertion tools are made of steel with high strength, the plugs are easy to pierce and the construction process means it can resist any dirt with a simple wipe.

This also gives the kit multiple repair applications. The T-handle grip design also allows a firm and secure grip when the tire repair is ongoing.

It also allows for a greater turning power and comfort while puncturing and also, reduces hand fatigue.

This tire puncture repair set has great adhesion, shock absorption, and flexibility. It also does not age easily and has a long shelf life that can go through the toughest procedures of repair and get you the best tire airtightness.

FRIENDA Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

Rubber Cement Alternatives for Tires

This repair kit comes with a screwdriver rasp drill, a threaded inserting needle drill, thirty pieces of brown repair strings, and a combined tire reamer and insertion tool.

These tools make it easy and simple for you to work around your tire repair easily.

The tire repair strings are made from a combination of butyl rubber and natural rubber responsible for them being flexible and sturdy, resistant to wear and tear, and also making them tough to aging.

The rasp tool and the inserting needle drill are made from sturdy and durable steel. This steel is not susceptible to corrosion and it supports a long time application. The kit is very easy and convenient to carry.

The size of most of the tools is not all that weighty and is suitable for most models. The tire repair kit allows very fast and efficient puncture repair on the way with a compact and lightweight size.

The FRIENDA tubeless repair kit is practical and a good emergency tool as it allows easy repair of punctures without detaching the tire from the rim repairing very fast.

The kit can be used in several applications with its benefits suitable for tubeless tires of cars, motorcycles, SUVs, trucks, and so on.

Before you proceed to repair the puncture with the kit, you have to make sure to remove the dust, debris and take out whatever caused the punctures in the tires.

Then, you should use the screwdriver handle rasp drill to rotate back and forth to pierce the puncture and expand the air leakage hole.

Then, go ahead to prepare a tire repair string and put it into the threaded inserting needle drill. Now, put the repair strings and the threaded inserting needle drill into the puncture together.

Rotate them in a 360-degree direction slowly and pull out the threaded inserting needle drill. Make sure to trim off the remnants of the tire repair strings on the tire.

ORCISH Tire Repair Kit

Rubber Cement Alternatives for Tires

This tool kit covers different kinds of punctures. It has a T-handle and solid plier that allows for a firm and secure grip while performing the tire repair.

It also has a pressure gauge that checks the safety of tires after repairing the tires.

The tools in this kit are made of high-quality steel and zinc allow which makes them less prone to rust.

The tire strips in this kit are made of butyl and natural rubber to make them very flexible and less prone to aging.

The kit has several kinds of applications ranging from use in cars, trailers, jeeps, toy haulers, and trucks.

In using this tool kit, you have to make sure to remove the object that caused the puncture. Use the probe tool to expand the puncture to allow ease in the use of the plugging tool.

Also, use lubricants so that the plugs can work through freely. Then, insert the plugging tool with the plugin the puncture area.

Maintain the plug firmly to the tire and pull the T-handle up leaving the plug in place.

Trim off the remnants of the plug material.


Repairing your tire punctures does not necessarily have to be a pain in the neck. The rubber cement glue could come to your rescue.

We have also shown you some of the best alternatives to the rubber cement that you can use to easily repair your tires and get back on the road quick enough.

So, feel free to try out some of rubber hose products and get the best of results.

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