Difference Between R20 and ZR20 Tires

It does no good for your car, and pocket too, to pick just any size of tires for your wheels.

Of course, the bigger the wheels, the bigger the tires to fit on them. Bigger wheels grip more space on the pavement. Now on to what R20 and ZR20 mean.

ZR is a code used (before 1990) to indicate that the tire is adapted for speeds above 149mph. Moreover, old manufacturers used ‘ZR’ to mean high-performance tires.

Difference Between R20 and ZR20 Tires

Difference Between R20 and ZR20 Tires

This was before tire ratings changed and we now have codes like V, W, and Y.

So Z tells us that the tire is prepared to speed above 149mph, and R tells us the tire has radial construction, which means the plies are constructed perpendicular to the direction of travel.

And 20 means the tire should be mounted on a wheel with a rim diameter of 20 inches.

In the sidewall tire description, P225/50 R17, P identifies the tire as a passenger tire, that is, this tire belongs under a vehicle designed to convey only passengers, people.

In case the description begins with LT, it means the tire belongs on a Light Truck. R refers to the internal construction of the tire, radial. And 17 refers to the diameter of the wheel rim often measured in inches.

Major Differences between R20 and ZR20 tires

The differences between the two designations when closely examined are:

  • ZR20 tires are known for speed limits above 149mph
  • ZR20 tires are high-performance tires

ZR20 tires are known for speed limits above 149mph

They are somewhat larger than tires with lower speed limits. You can find them on cars: SUVs, sedans, or other utility cars.

They are also on light trucks, like small pickups.

ZR20 tires are high-performance tires

ZR20 are some of the best high-performance tires in the market.

Although nowadays, tires don’t carry the designation ZR anymore having been replaced with speed ratings V, W, Y, some manufactures have retained the ZR code in their catalogs.

ZR20 tires have better traction on the pavement

It is why they are better on passenger cars and light trucks. Traction is important for safety since these tires are adapted for speed.

Automobiles mounted on ZR20 tires would simply flip off the road if they didn’t have traction.

Most ZR20 tires are at least 255mm wide

There’s a general sense of comfort while driving them. The automobiles sit square on them, giving the feel of comfort not only experienced in the handling by the driver but also by the passengers.

Fewer damages on the Z20 tires

The bigger the tires, the less likely it is that you will have blowouts.

ZR20 tires are able to withstand the contours of the rough road because they are large, they have so much body to cover more space on the road. They are best suited for rough terrains.

ZR20 tires help your automobile manage gas

Less gas is spent over distances because the tires are adapted for speed. Every time you step on the gas for mileage, the car is propelled forward over greater distances, drag is reduced.

Final Words

Tires are a common sight on our highways and streets. Without those black oval rubber tubes (or tubeless) most of the modern human transportation would be greatly limited.

And they come in varying sizes depending on the proportion of the vehicle they need to support, and for good reason.

Can you imagine a car tire on a BMX bike? Such a mismatch is sure to put a cog in the mechanics of locomotion.

However, purchasing a tire for your car or truck isn’t as simple as getting a fit on clothing. And although they all look almost alike; color, size, shape, looks can be deceiving.

Tires have letters and numbers on them, pointers from the manufacturer to help you choose properly.

This is important in order to not buy just any size of tire and slap them on your car, bike or truck.

It is not rocket science, they are quite easy to understand. Identifying the meaning of the numbers doesn’t have to be the forte of the technicians at the repair shop alone.

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