19 Best Tires for Astro Van

The Astro Van sits like a superhero from a Marvel movie. Its elegance and stateliness give off the impression of a squat guy who’s going nowhere fast. But looks can be deceiving.

The midsize van can accelerate to 62 mph in 12.0 seconds, and from there to a maximum speed of 99 mph.

The Astro van definitely delivers. Especially when you let it sit on worthy tires.

Let’s run through some of the best tires you can fit your Astro van with.

The Michelin Defender LTX M/X is considered the best tire on this list for your Astro Van. Because, what you get is a tire that withstands harsh road conditions, won’t chip or tear easily.

Michelin Defender LTX M/X

best tires for astro van

Durable tread life, no matter the season, is what the Michelin Defender LTX M/X stands for.

It combines the tread design of LTX M/S2 with the Evertread compound to achieve this feat.

The Evertread compound helps the tire to maintain unbeatable traction on snow and wet and road, and also reduces rolling resistance in order to save gas.

And what’s more, the 3D sipes etched into the symmetric tread design lock together upon contact with pavement to provide tight traction on light snow and wet roads.

MaxTouch construction helps the tire achieve balance when in acceleration, enabling the van to brake effectively, rolling to a quicker stop at corners, all done while saving gas and elongating tire life.

The load index is 100, great for Astro vans, and the speed rating is 118 mph.

Firestone Destination LE3

best tires for astro van

The Firestone LE3 is made by Bridgestone Corporation. It is an all-season tire built with amazing technology that puts the tire right up there with the best tire choices any van owner could purchase.

The tire is siped along the edges, you don’t worry about traction as these multiple cuts maximize its grip on the road.

What further makes the Firestone LE3 one of the best all-season tires is its wide circumferential grooves.

As you drive through a rainy day or a stormy one, the tires create a path in the water on the road, pushing through it so that you enjoy optimized control over any wet road.

Its construction is radial, you can easily read off the sidewalls because the letters are printed on in white. It is ready to bear the load of 100 index with a speed rating of 118 mph.

The LE3 is built for longevity and durability.

Hankook Kinergy ST (H735)

best tires for astro van

The Kinergy ST is one of the best budget tire brands in the tire market, yet you can count on it for great performance.

A Touring All-season tire, the Kinergy ST is designed for all on-road conditions. It delivers a smooth, quiet, and most stable ride.

The optimized tread block makes an enhanced performance possible, its tread uniformity gives it mileage.

The tire has a dual filler system that enables it stable handling in both wet and dry conditions. An advantage of this system is its prolonged tread life.

The wide lateral grooves on the tire aren’t just for aesthetics; they provide great braking on wet roads and enhance traction on snow.

It is equipped with multiple sipes to improve comfortability when driving and ensure a quiet ride.

The tire construction is radial, the load index is 100, and the speed rating is 118 mph. The Kinergy ST is ideal for the Astro van.

Goodyear Wrangler SR-A

best tires for astro van

Traction at its best, that’s the Goodyear Wrangler SR-A. Its optimized tread wear makes it the best tire for highway driving.

Put this tire under your Astro Van and watch your driving experience on the highway soar to new heights. It is efficient, it is quiet.

The WetTrac® technology brings together an asymmetrical tread pattern and a wet traction compound to create a formidable grip on wet pavement.

Its wide circumference groove clears water out of the way as it plows distances on any rain-drenched road.

It’s got peculiar rows of microgrooves in a zigzag pattern that helps it with even more traction in all kinds of slippery weather; rain, snow, and ice.

If you wish to change the tires on your Astro van, consider buying the Goodyear Wrangler SR-A. Enjoy its load index of 100, radial construction, and speed rating of 112 mph.

Lexani Terrain Beast AT

best tires for astro van

This tire is truly a beast. The sight of it invites an Astro van user what he needs to know, namely, that it would eat up the road and do it quietly.

The Terrain Beast AT promises exceptional all-terrain efficiency and tread life. With an aggressive off-road charging ability, the tire will haul your Astro van across the snow, wet road, and mud.

You can always trust the Lexani Terrain Beast to deliver on its promise. It is fully siped, the grooves running across the surface are sure to deliver consistent power performance all its lifetime.

With its deep-cut center rib, it is able to deliver stability. You’d be surprised that you are getting all of the goodies in this tire for a song.

With a radial construction and a speed rating of 118 mph, the Lexani Terrain Beast is a tire worth having under your Astro van.

Kumho Solus TA 11 Passenger All-Season Tire

best tires for astro van

The Solus TA 11 is optimized for all-season performance. Its tread is specially designed for wet traction and engineered to last long.

The shoulder is rounded, such that it has continual contact with the pavement as your vehicle goes around corners.

Its asymmetric tires are designed especially for passenger vehicles. It comes with Kumho’s exclusive Escot casing for comfort and shock absorption.

The dual silicone compound is designed to lose temperature quickly which translates to the gas economy and longer tread life.

In heavy rain, the four deep grooves in the surface of the tire channel water out of the way so that the tires maintain constant grip. In thin snow, the grooves can be relied upon to hold for balance.

It comes with a black sidewall, a speed rating of 118 mph, radial construction, and a load index of 100.

Westlake SU318 Radial H/T Tire

best tires for astro van

Think style, think Westlake SU318 Radial H/T. It is designed for users who value style for their CUV or SUV.

This tire is designed to give a smooth and responsive ride for any van. For an all-year-long performance, the tire has lateral siping, four circumferential grooves for spraying water out of the way to promote excellent grip and handling on wet days.

The M+S design also gives the tire all-year traction. Its sidewall is black, the load index is 100, and the speed rating is 118 mph.

Milestar MS775 Passenger All-Season Tire

best tires for astro van

This is one of the classy tires on our list. With its white sidewall, it is impossible not to notice an Astro van with these tires pass by on the highway.

It is a beauty to behold the Milestar MS775 cruising by. The interlocking circumferential blocks are designed so that you can enjoy the touring tires for a quiet ride.

The solid center grooves give the tire stability, the shoulder tread blocks push water out of the way in the rain. It is a great tire for traction on thin snow as well.

With a load index of 100 and a speed limit of 112 mph, you are ready to pimp your Astro van.

Cooper Trendsetter SE Passenger All-Season Tire

best tires for astro van

This is one of the most versatile tires on our list. It fits perfectly on both old and recent models of Astro Vans.

It has very deep grooves on it that disperses water in the rain making it ideal for both rain and snow conditions.

It cuts through the mud like butter, dispersing slush to get your van through muddy terrain.

As shown in the photo, the edges have block tread forms that give it maximum grip on pavement, turns and corners are negotiated tight and easy.

The stylish white sidewall puts the Cooper Trendsetter in the category of classy tires. It has a radial construction and a speed rating of 112 mph.

Toyo Eclipse Passenger All-Season Tire

best tires for astro van

The Toyo Eclipse Passenger All-Season Tire is affordability and security wrapped in one.

This tire is value-driven. It has a tread pattern that lowers noise, full-depth sipes, and deep grooves channel water out of the way in the rain.

The way the shoulder sipes are designed gives the tire stability and further makes the tire wear evenly, which is a peculiar phenomenon with the Eclipse Passenger All-Season Tire.

The center block slits are shaped like “s”, which sprays water out of the way for more traction.

The Toyo Eclipse is a technologically advanced tire making it one of the best tires recommended for Astro vans.

With a radial construction and a speed rating of 112 mph, this tire is both affordable and stylish.

Uniroyal Laredo Cross Country Passenger All-Season Tire

best tires for astro van

The Laredo Cross Country Passenger tire is made especially for the careful driver. It is designed with top technology but also affordable.

Its well-cut grooves give it traction for dry and wet road conditions. The Laredo tire is radial and enjoys a speed rating of 112 mph.

Of course, a daring Astro Van driver can take it on an occasional off-the-road trip in rugged terrain and it would still deliver greatly on the manufacturer’s promise.

General Grabber A/TX Tire

best tires for astro van

This is an aggressive all-terrain tire, built for off-road efficiency and durability.

It can be relied upon for on-road excellence as well. It is designed with thick blocks of grooves that help it deliver confident driving in all weather conditions.

Its Comfort Balance Technology, an acoustic tread pattern enables it to deliver a quiet, comfortable ride.

An even wear and durability is promoted by the Stabiltread technology together which features a larger footprint and high-efficiency pattern stiffness.

It’s a tire with radial construction and a speed rating of 118 mph, a load index of 100.

Toyo Open Country A/T 111 Tire

best tires for astro van

The Toyo open country tire focuses on wet performance. With Toyo’s proprietary T-Mode tire development and modeling techniques they are able to deliver durability and treadwear life in this powerful tire.

Its tread design and compounding put this tire at the level of high-quality tires. No matter the terrain, the Toyo Open Country provides exceptional stability and a quiet ride.

It is tough, with deep grooves for traction, and a wide surface for ultimate grip on the road.

Put this under your Astro Van and drive with confidence that no matter what nature drops in your way, whether rain or snow, you’ll arrive at your destination, safe and well.

It’s got up to 65,000 miles warranty that any driver can rely on, a load index of 100, and a speed rating of 118 mph.

Lionclaw ATX2 Passenger All-Season tire

best tires for astro van

The Lionclaw is a tire from the Lionhart in China specifically made for the North American replacement tire market.

If you are looking for a tire to enhance the overall look of your Astro Van while delivering quality, efficiency and durability, then you should go for the Lionclaw tires.

It uses the latest technology in tire production to provide reliable traction and long wear.

Circumferential grooves and extended sipes provide grip and balance to give passenger and commercial truck drivers confidence on the road.

It is an all-season tire that performs excellently on wet and dry roads. Its load index is 100, a speed rating is 118 mph, and the construction is radial.

Sailun Terramax H/T All-season Tire

best tires for astro van

Since the first Sailun tires rolled off production lines in 2001, it has sold more than 30 million tires annually in over 50 countries worldwide.

The Terramx H/T is designed to contend efficiently with the challenges of off-road and on-road conditions. It performs well both on city roads and highways, it is an all-weather beast.

It features full-depth sipes to provide excellent grip throughout its lifetime.

It was designed with SUVs in mind, it is a balanced tire that is adapted for off-road capabilities and highway touring.

It has a radial construction too and a speed rating of 112 mph.

Mastercraft Stratus AS

best tires for astro van

Mastercraft Tires is a subsidiary of the Cooper Tire Company. The Stratus spots some of the same features from the Cooper Trendsetter tires.

It is designed for drivers who are looking for a good deal on their money while settling for quality.

The tire is optimized for all seasons driving. If you have an Astro van and are looking for more miles, traction, and economy, then you have found your ideal tire in the Mastercraft Stratus AS.

Lateral slots in the shoulder help the tire maintain its traction all its lifetime. Sipes in the shoulder, intermediate and lateral grooves provide grip and bite for wet road and snow.

All of this improves the print of the tire on the pavement. It’s got a black sidewall, a speed rating of 118 mph, and radial construction.

DiamondBack Specialty Wall design tire

best tires for astro van

If you are looking to turn your Astro van into a complete classic Van while maintaining an antique look, then you should go for the Diamond Back Specialty.

Back in the 60s and 70s, these tires with white stripes were the fashion. These days, folks combine several colored stripes to give their cars and trucks a retro look.

The DiamondBack is one of the few companies that are able to create this look without putting a large hole in your pocket.

Your Astro van comes out rolling on the street or highway like a Cadillac straight out of a sixties movie.

Don’t forget, the DiamondBack Specialty is an antique tire, but it delivers stability, efficiency in all weathers.

BFGoodrich Silvertown Radial 4 Whitewall Vintage Tire

best tires for astro van

For a century, BFGoodrich has been a world leader in tire innovation. They even developed the first tubeless tires. So you can count on them for quality tires.

This is an all-series tread tire, ideal for hot rods if you are into turning a van into a classic one.

The smooth whitewall on the sides is not glued on, they are the real deal. The tread design is high tech, innovative and the efficiency is top of the class.

The BFGoodrich Silvertown is one of a kind. The construction is polyester and steel, very sinewy.

DiamondBack Auburn Premium Tire

best tires for astro van

Our antique list is not complete without the DiamondBack Auburn Premium Tire on it.

If you would like to turn your Astro Van into a period car that belongs in a 70s afternoon matinee movie, then this tire is the one you should go for.

The sidewall combines white and red colors, a stainless steel rim for a full finish. This tire transports your Astro van into the most interesting part of the last century.

Auburn Premium Tires are on a pedestal of their own, untouchable. The tire is radial, and the circumferential grooves provide excellent grip for all road conditions.

But of course, you are not likely to muddy this classic so often, we hope.

Fitting your Astro Van with different tires other than the ones the manufacturer built can be a labor of love. Make a pick of any of the ones mentioned here and you are good.

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