VW Atlas Tire Pressure

According to Volkswagen, the right tire pressure for the VW Atlas is between 34 and 36 psi for both the front and rear tires. The exact PSI value required for your Atlas will depend on the model year, trim, and tire size. 

For this reason, it is best to double-check the tire pressure information of your car in your owner’s manual or on the sticker attached to the door frame on the driver’s side.

However, if your wheels or tires are modified, you have to seek the right tire pressure from the tire and wheel manufacturer.

Being a sport utility vehicle, the VW Atlas is offered in five trims and equipped with three sets of original equipment tires.

I have compiled an all-in-one list containing the various Volkswagen Atlas year models, their tire and original equipment tire sizes, and their respective recommended tire pressure.


Tire Pressure Table For Vw Atlas Models And Tire Size

  Recommended Tire pressure
VW Atlas Year ModelTire SizeFront tireRear tire
2022245/60R18 105T30 – 35 psi30 – 35 psi
 255/50R20 105T
2021245/60R18 105T36 psi36 psi
 255/50R20 105T
 265/45R21 104T
2020245/60R18 105T30 – 35 psi30 – 35 psi
 255/50R20 105T
 265/45R21 104T35 psi35 psi
2019245/60R18 105T35 psi35 psi
 255/50R20 105T30 – 35 psi30 – 35 psi
 265/45R21 104H35 psi35 psi
2018245/60R18 105T30 – 35 psi30 – 35 psi
 255/50R20 105T35 psi35 psi
Atlas S245/60R18 105T30 – 36 psi30 – 36 psi
Atlas SE245/60R18 105T36 psi36 psi
 255/50R20 105T30 – 36 psi30 – 36 psi
Atlas SE R-Line255/50R20 105T35 – 36 psi35 – 36 psi
Atlas SEL245/60R18 105T35 psi35 psi
 255/50R20 105T35 – 36 psi35 – 36 psi
 265/45R21 104H35 psi35 psi
R-Line255/50R20 105T35 psi35 psi
 265/45R21 104T36 psi36 psi


Working with the right tire pressure for your particular Atlas model can be tricky. You risk poor braking, reduced tradition, and even a tire blowout when it’s higher than the recommended psi. But less tire pressure below the recommended value isn’t a good thing either. The latter can cause quick wear and high fuel consumption.

So please locate your VW Atlas model in the chart above and work with the recommended psi ascribed.

Also, remember to check your tires often, especially when there’s a change in season.


How Do You Check The Tire Pressure On A Vw Atlas 2022?

To check the tire pressure on Volkswagen Atlas 2022 model, you have to do it manually using a reliable tire pressure gauge.

This is because the tire pressure sensor integrated into the vehicle is only a sensor and does not give the tire pressure.

It’s an indirect system, meaning you need to set all 4 tires to the desired pressure (35 psi), then navigate to the car menu on the infotainment unit, then to the tired menu, and set it. However, it will only tell you if you have a low tire but not the current pressure or the tire affected.

(It would have been icing on the cake if the automaker took an extra leap to make a pressure display on the infotainment screen.)

Anyway, you can still check the tire pressure of your 2022 Atlas with a durable tire pressure gauge.

To do this, remove the valve stem, place the tire pressure gauge’s stem onto its uncovered stem, and then observe the reading on the gauge to ensure it matches the recommended PSI for your vehicle’s tires.

Safe for the inaccessibility to check tire pressure figures from the infotainment unit, the 2022 Atlas has done well righting the wrongs of previous models (sluggish acceleration, cheapish interior, etc.)

So, there’s a silver lining.


How Do You Reset Low Tire Pressure Vw Atlas?

When the temperature drops, the tire pressure monitor light illuminates. In such a situation, it means it’s weather-related, and you didn’t lose so much tire pressure.

Here’s how you can turn that light off when you get inside the car:

Step 1: Go to the Radio Monitor screen and click the car button below the tune-in app

Step 2: You’ll see a red X that will read “tire pressure monitor: Tire low”

Step 3: Hit the “selection” and go to “vehicle status”

Step 4: Click on the left arrow at the top corner that will take you to your TPMS section

Step 5: Click on the “set” button (the system will ask you to be sure all four tire pressures are good, so make sure they are inflated properly between 34 to 36 psi)

Step 6: Click “Confirm,” Then your tire pressure will be saved, and the light will turn off.


Does Altitude Affect Vw Atlas Tire Pressure?

Indeed, altitude can affect the tire pressure of your Volkswagen Atlas vehicle, but when this happens, there is no cause for alarm. However, you must pay attention to the tire pressure and ensure it stays within the recommended psi for such driving conditions.


Is It Safe To Drive A Vw Atlas With Low Tire Pressure?

When you drive your VW Atlas with low tire pressure (even as low as 5 psi below the automaker’s recommended ), you will likely encounter a poor driving experience, starting break distance, and bad cornering.

Also, driving with low tire pressure would likely increase tire wear and fuel consumption due to the increased rolling force. It could even result in tire blowouts at high speeds.

So it is not safe to drive a VW Atlas with low tire pressure, especially for a long trip.


Why Does My Vw Atlas Tire Pressure Keep Getting Low?

If your tire pressure keeps lowering, you see the TPMS warning light glowing more often than normal on your Atlas vehicle, right?

This means that after inflating your tires, they decrease afterward, which points to possible air leaks as the culprit.

But if you gave that a good check-over and nothing was wrong, then it could likely be that your tire suffers a puncture (most often than not, with an external object.)


One More Thing

Now that you know the recommended tire pressure for your VW Atlas model, you should also remember that the tire pressure can stop working if it has a dead battery.

If this sounds like your situation, address the problem head-on and closely monitor the system.

As you probably know, the TPMS sensor plays an important role in your vehicle’s safety while driving.