Can You Fix A Bent Rim With Hammer?

You can take your vehicle to the garage before fixing a bent rim. There are a few DIY approaches to fixing the dent. These methods will not make the wheel perfect but improve driving comfort.

However, what matters is the tool you use to get this repair done at home. Is a hammer part of these tools?

The answer is yes; you can fix a bent rim with a hammer. The process generally involves airing down your tire, positioning the wood block along the rim’s interior, and then pounding the other end until the rim appears to be straightened.

You’ll need a dead blow hammer, a 5-pound sledgehammer, and other tools like wood block and a blow torch. Also, you need to consider the type of rim you are dealing with.

While alloy rims can be fixed easily, you can risk damaging the wheel more with a hammer fix. On the other hand, steel rims can be fixed easily, but the repair will not be as excellent as a new one would appear.

Here is a step-by-step process for fixing your bent rim with a hammer. 


How to Use a Hammer to Repair a Bent Rim

To fix your bent rim with a hammer, the first step is gathering all the tools you will need for this fix. These include a dead blow hammer, a piece of wood, safety glasses and gloves for protection, and a blow torch.

Once you have these around, follow the next steps:

Step 1: Identify the type of rim

Steel and alloy are the most popular types of rims. You must be aware of your rim type before doing anything, as this will determine whether or not you can proceed with the pounding. While steel rims will not suffer any after-effects from the repair, alloy rims pose damage risks.

Step 2: Heat the bend

Next, take your blow torch and heat the dented area of the rim. Make sure you do this carefully to prevent overheating of the rim.

Step 3: Position wood over the bend

Now that the bend has been heated, you take the piece of wood and place it over the bend. This will allow you to carve the dent back to its original position.

Step 4: Hit with a dead blow hammer directly

There may need to be more than just placing a piece of wood over the heated bend. Now you hammer the bend directly to straighten it back to shape. To avoid cracking the rim, do not apply excessive force.

Step 5: Inspect for leaks.

Finally, check that there are no leaks or bulges due to the hammering. When done, clean any debris and air up the tire to the required specification.

Can a Pothole Bend a Rim?

Yes, hitting potholes accounts for one of the common causes of a bent rim. When you hit a pothole, the internal tire suffers damage and alignment problems.

In addition, shock and strut issues also come along with the effect. But, of course, all of this depends on the magnitude of the impact.

Aside from potholes, other factors like low-profile tires, corrosion, and an encounter with a curb can lead to a bent rim.

Can I Drive My Car If MY Rim Is Bent?

It is not a good idea to continue driving when you have a bent rim. Or else you are not bothered about sustaining further wheel, tire, and steering damage; driving on bent rims is generally unsafe.

When your car has a bent rim, it will be difficult to maintain a proper seal with the tire, eventually leading to deflation and flat tires.

Is It Worth Repairing A Bent Rim?

If you think about the process involved in repairing a bent rim with a hammer (and the risk of damage involved), consider biting the bullet and spending the money on replacement. But here is the catch:

Whether you have alloy or steel wheels, repairing a bent rim is worthwhile if the wheel’s structural integrity is not jeopardized. Though, in some cases, repairing aluminum alloy wheels will cost you more than replacing them with new ones,

The bottom line is that you should consider the cost of replacing it with a new one and place it side-by-side with how much it would cost you for a DIY repair (including time and labor)

The cost of replacing a bent or damaged rim depends on your car’s model and the rim’s nature. While replacing steel rims will cost you around $30, expect to pay as high as $99 to replace chrome rims.

In some repair shops, you will be advised to replace the tires and rims. And this has to be purchased as a set. (after all, rims and tires are sold as set in most garages)

Next Steps

Having a bent rim is not as catastrophic as it may seem. As shared in the above article, you can repair the dent on your rim using the right hammer and supporting tools in simple DIY steps.

If you still feel very concerned about doing further damage to fix the bent rim, then it would be best to have someone take a professional look over your vehicle.

Still, when done properly, using a hammer remains a cheap (and effective) method to fix bent rims.