16 Best Tools To Slash Tires

Any intentional damage done on tires in the form of a gash, slit, or laceration that leads to rapid deflation can be categorized as tire slashing. However, this attempt can’t be made with any sharp tool.

To successfully slash a tire, you need the right tool and to do it correctly for safety reasons. 

While we are committed to providing information that helps tire owners achieve the best driving experience, the issue of tire puncture and slashing is still in the picture.

In some situations, slashing the tire of someone who is after your life is the only reasonable way to escape the situation. And some other times, it is to get quick vengeance.

Here is a list of ideal, easily-accessible tools to slash a tire. We will also provide how to avoid and fix slashed tires for those on the flip side of the coin.

List of The Best Safe Tools For Slashing Tires

Before diving into these tools, I must reiterate that slashing tires is only one of the silent ways to deflate a wheel, as it can cause attention-catching noise, unlike simply removing the valve stem. 

Also, this attempt is not the easiest because you’ll need to apply force, especially for tires built with sturdiness and durability.

Aside from that, it would help if you prioritize your safety. If you need more confidence in handling a tool, it is better to opt for another option.


Nails are one of the most obvious tools that can be used to deflate tires, especially when you don’t mind damaging them. However, you’d need a long nail with a large head that can pierce through the rubber.

Alternatively, tires can be punctured by simply positioning the nail in a protruding manner on the tire’s rolling path, such that as the tire rolls, the nail goes deeper. SEE 


Because of its threads, a screw is a more dangerous tool for puncturing tires than a nail. Using a screw may be challenging because it is not as straight and smooth as a nail or knife, so you need to cut the most vulnerable part of the tire.

Glass shards

Another way to slash a tire is to use shards of glass. If you can lay your hands on one, wrap the area where you’ll hold it with a cloth and then make the cut on the tire’s side wall.

Glass shards are known to pierce through tires even when human force is not applied. For example, when driving through an accident scene, sharp pieces of glass can puncture the tire, even though modern tires are tough gizmos.

Sharp metal objects

Depending on the tire, a sharp metal object can slash tires. These include metal forks, scissors, or other sharp utensils that you’d find in a drawer with a safety latch. 

As far as tire slashing goes, the kind of sharp metal objects that work are ones with a sharp, pointed end.

Pocket Knives 

This is another famous weapon for slashing tires, especially in emergencies, as you often see in movies. Using a serrated pocket knife and aiming for the sidewall is best.

Striking this part of the tire will make it quick. To do this, you must apply force by pushing the blade deeper into the tire and then pulling it to the side.


Slashing tires isn’t a hard nut to crack when you have screwdrivers around. The DIY tool can cause punctures on tires without actually slashing them. It is sharp and strong, which makes it a great tool for such an attempt.


Another tool that can send a vehicle owner on an expensive trip to the mechanic for tire replacement is chiseled. It is unconventional but can be used for slashing tires if it’s within your reach.

On its end, chisels have shaped the cutting edge of the blade. A mortise chisel is typically used to carve or cut hard materials such as wood, stone, or metal. As a result, using it on rubber will be simple.


Spikes aren’t always at your disposal when you need to slash a tire, but these devices are effective in impeding the movement of wheeled vehicles by puncturing the tires. 

Call them spike belts, tire shredders, or stingers; these tire deflation devices are great incidental weapons for such an attempt.

Broken bottles

Broken bottles are another reasonable improvement when you want to slash a tire. It won’t do a good job tearing the steel belts buried in the tire, but it would have other effects, such as tearing the tire’s rubber fabric.

There is a lot of caution to be taken when using broken bottles, and it is generally unsafe if you need more confidence in handling them with force.

Ice picks

This pointed metal tool breaks, picks, or chips at the ice. Given its design—a sharp metal spike attached to a wooden handle—it poses as another ideal tool that can be used to slash tires and impede the movement of wheeled vehicles.

Box cutters

Box cutters are handy and accessible. The compact, sharp object can cut thin materials such as corrugated packaging or plastic film. However, the household tool can also create a slow leak in tires.

Picks or pry bars

Call them pinch bars or crowbars; these hand tools may be designed to pull two objects apart but can also be used to damage a tire by deflating it. You will, however, need to use some force to accomplish this.


Another alternative is to use tacks for quickly slashing tires. It can very easily poke the rubber and is quite safe to use.


You won’t be able to make a slash on a tire with an awl as you would with knives and box cutters, but it can be used to create holds or enlarge existing holes on the tire. The shoe-making tool is thin and designed with a tapered metal shaft that comes to a sharp point, either straight or slightly bent.


With a shaft and bolt head, a bolt can be used to jeopardize and inflate rubber, but more is needed to achieve a perfect slide slash. It will also require force because the bolt features threaded and unthreaded portions.

Razor blades

You can also use razor blades to slice through thick rubber tires by simply thrusting the blade’s tip straight into the smooth surface of the tire.

Apply force to ensure that the blade is at least 2.5 cm into the rubber from where the tread begins. Some tires are designed with reinforced steel belts, so be careful not to cut too close to the tread.

Other objects that can deflate tires include sharp rocks or debris on the road, bricks, cinder blocks, and ice drills.

This is a partial list, as many other objects and tools can be used to puncture a tire. On the other hand, if you suspect someone is slashing your tires, you can take preventive measures.

I recommend parking in a secure area and taking advantage of CCTV-equipped areas. Also, avoid road rage incidents; you can rely on dogs to watch the area.

Can a Box Cutter Slash Tires?

Using a box cutter to slash tires is indeed possible, as the sharp blade can puncture the rubber surface.

To do it, you would typically hold the box cutter in a firm grip, position the blade near the tire sidewall, and apply pressure while making a slashing motion.

However, it is detectable. When you use a box cutter to slash tires, the sidewall will be the telltale. The incisions may appear as straight lines or jagged marks, depending on the box cutter’s blade and the force applied. Also, the tire may have rapidly deflated, and there might be hissing sounds or signs of damage around the punctured area.

Final thoughts 

The slashing of tires is considered vandalism, but threatening situations can make such an attempt reasonable. If you are on the victim’s side of the situation, there are intuitive ways to treat your slashed tires.

Instead of disposing of the damaged tires, you can reuse them for DIY projects such as a garden chair or feeder pots. Alternatively, you can make an additional effort to carry them to the recycling facility.